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    Our creative style of photography centres on a luscious colour, playful in-the-moment shots, and an intimate compositional approach. Ron Wood, the Principal Photographer and Founder of Heartline Pictures also teaches photography at OCAD University. He has set the standard for the studio, ensuring that all clients receive the very best.

    “The couples we work with want authenticity in their wedding photographs. They want their wedding photographs to be a reflection of their relationship, individuality, beliefs, values and tastes. We look for loving and happy moments – people are always joyful in our wedding photographs. Each moment of a wedding is documented, and shows the love between the couple."

    Ron Wood,
    Owner and Image Maker

Girlfriends. Always there, no matter what! Our Toronto wedding photographers had the great pleasure of working with Kathlyn and her amazing wedding party. We photographed big smiles, joyful interactions, and quiet happiness all day – at Kathlyn’s house, during the ceremony, in the Liberty Village area of downtown Toronto where the photos below were taken, and later, at the reception at the wonderful and eclectic SCHOOL Restaurant. It makes our job as Toronto wedding photographers easy when love abounds. After all, the camera only captures what’s there!

We love that painted wall. What a great backdrop. We remember when Liberty Village was a factory area that produced a variety of things. The Barrymore furniture factory was located there. Over time, the area became grungy, and, as manufacturing stopped, those empty warehouses started to fill with artists, film makers and other people working in the creative arts. Now, the area has become a vibrant community. Tens of thousands of people live in the many condos that have sprung up. They have exciting choices in restaurants, entertainment, galleries, and lifestyles.

You can explore Liberty Village during Jane’s Walk in May. The annual event is named after renowned Toronto urban planning thinker and writer Jane Jacobs. It first began in Toronto in 2007 following Jacobs’ death and has since spread to 85 cities in 19 countries. The event gives people a chance to explore and learn about neighbourhoods, and talk about what people can do to make a city more livable.  About 5,000 tour leaders and participants hit Toronto’s streets and one of those tours was in Liberty Village.

If you are looking for a great location for engagement or wedding photos, you might want to check out Liberty Village. As Toronto wedding photographers we love working there. You must contact York Heritage Properties for permission to be on the grounds. Definitely worth checking out if you want a historical look to your photos.

We often photograph weddings where one or both partners have children. Our approach creatively acknowledges the importance of children in weddings. We never loose sight of the fact that the wedding is very significant for them. It is their day too.

The bride and groom frequently include the child or children in the wedding ceremony, perhaps as a ring bearer, flower girl or junior bridesmaid. Their participation in the wedding day guarantees that they will feel important.

When children are involved in the wedding, we make sure to take photographs that will be meaningful to them as they move forward in their new family. Our photographs reflect children’s personalities, creating a genuine family dynamic that includes the thoughts and feelings of everyone involved. We take extra care to create opportunities to help children feel comfortable in front of the camera, and we are happy to say that we have never met a child who didn’t enjoy being photographed!

Parents and step-parents have been thrilled to discover that our approach can be very memorable, dignified, low-stress and certainly not overly sentimental. This is particularly true when teenagers are part of the wedding ceremony. In these instances, we are particularly respectful of the “cool” factor.

We were invited to photograph a lovely wedding at the Millcroft Inn & Spa in Southern Ontario where three beautiful children acquired a wonderful new mom. As you can see from the photos below, when the right approach is taken the results are joy and love filled. Look at how excited the children are when their dad and new mom are saying their vows! Children in weddings always make a marriage ceremony richer and more meaningful, and our Toronto wedding photographers are very pleased to be able to contribute memory rich images.
children in weddings children in weddings children in weddings children in weddings children in weddings

This post is for every father of the bride who walks down the aisle with his daughter. Over the years, our Toronto wedding photographers have witnessed many tender moments between Brides and their Dads. Those few minutes before the ceremony are often the sweetest. Both Bride and Dad are nervous. Each offers up encouraging words to the other. Sometimes they’ll tease each other and laugh with nervous anticipation. When the walk starts down the aisle, some Dads fight back tears, others straighten up and honour their daughters by walking tall.

The other day we photographed a lovely winter wedding at the beautiful and historic St. Paul’s Anglican Church on Bloor Street just east of Yonge Street. A light dusting of snow started to fall just as the limo carrying Melinda and her attendants arrived at the church. Melinda had arranged to dress in her gown at the church. She stepped out of the limo wearing her regular clothes including a lovely white coat and a pair of saucy red leather gloves.

A half hour later she and the girls were ready for the ceremony. As you can see from the photos below, Melinda was beaming with excitement.

One of our photographers photographed Melinda as she made her way along the corridor and up the stairs to the church. Our other photographer was ready to photograph her Dad when he saw his daughter for the first time in her gown. Look at the love and pride in his expression in the moment we captured. Can you feel the joy? Only a few minutes passed before the large wooden doors opened. In that time we photographed several other touching moments – a private joke, a sweet kiss and holding hands. This father of the bride couldn’t stop smiling. We felt honoured to be included in these moments.

After the ceremony, everyone headed off to the Canadian Forces College. The reception was held in the Officers Mess, a stately mansion built in 1918 and designed by the architect who designed Casa Loma.

Graydon Hall Manor is a stunning Toronto wedding venue at any time of the year. Toronto wedding photographers love shooting there. The historic house is gorgeous, with great inside and outside areas, lovely details and beautiful gardens. But last Saturday, the day after the blockbuster Toronto snow storm, Graydon Hall Manor was even more amazing and romantic.

The grounds were blanketed with lovely deep snow. The light being reflected off the snow and coming through the tall windows had crystal like qualities. A real treat for our Toronto wedding photographers who are known for working beautifully with light. Inside, light danced around, leaving reflections and burst of light in the photographs.What fun to photograph Diana’s personal items like her gorgeous beaded and ribboned belt and to see magical spheres of light in the background

Diana and Michael, the bride and groom, created a loving and welcoming environment for their guests. Diana chose a sky blue colour theme that matched perfectly the outdoor winter blue palette. Yet, the warm light pouring in through the windows cast a soft yellow glow throughout the interior. Sweet details, like a seat left empty in a the chapel for grandparents no longer living, and soft blue shawls for guests to use to ward off the cold, imprinted Diana’s style and sensitivity on the wedding.

Their wedding cake was charming and told the story of how they got engaged! The cake topper was in two parts: a man fishing and a woman reaching for the ring at the end of the fishing line. Guess what they were doing when the proposal happened. If you guessed fishing, you are right! Details like the lace on the wedding cake, and the bride and groom’s initials on the take away smarties helped to further personalize the wedding. Well done Diana and Michael!

What fun! Kensington Market is a great Toronto wedding photography location. Our Toronto wedding photographers had a wonderful time photographing Eva and Brad. At one time they lived in the Kensington Market area, and they wanted wedding shots of themselves in their first “hood”. It’s one of our favourite places too, to photograph and to hang out in.

Kensington Market is a small area with a big history. It goes from Spadina Avenue on the east to Bathurst Street on the west, Dundas Street on the south and College Street on the north. The commercial area has vendors selling produce and goods outside on the sidewalk, great coffee shops and places to eat, and lots of new Indie stores that cater to foodies and alternative life style folks. Newly opened Sanagan’s Meat Locker is an old fashioned butcher shop in the heart of Kensington Market with young and urban customers who are looking to buy ethically raised meat from small local farmers. There are several health food stores and bakeries. Food at the market takes you around the world: Here you can chow down on tamales from South America, curried chickpea filled doubles from Trinidad, and lamb kabobs from the Middle East. Many of the homes in the residential area go back to the late 1800s. For anyone interested in historic homes, this is the place to explore.

And, as a Toronto wedding photography location, it has a lot to offer. First of all, it’s FREE. No permit is required since the market is a public space. All that’s required is a willingness to share the wedding joy with other people at the market.

Brad arrived at our meeting spot first, then Eva. Both were incredibly calm and happy. They walked hand-in-hand through the market. People on the street applauded them, and wished them good luck. When they got to Cobs Bakery on Baldwin St., one of the employees ran out with a small gift – scones for an energy boost before the wedding!

From Kensington Market, we drove Eva and Brad to the historic Distillary District for family photographs and from there to the Neubacher Shor Contemporary gallery and cultural centre on Brock Avenue close to the Drake Hotel on Queen Street West for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location

Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location Toronto Wedding Photography location

Sometimes we are surprised by how much a bride resembles an iconic figure in a painting. This was the case the other day when we first saw Lizz in her wedding gown. The way her hair was done, her make up applied, and the touches of blue in her earrings, necklace and veil, were all reminiscent of the girl in the painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. What do you think?

Did you know that Vermeer is thought to have used a camera obscura in the creation of his paintings? The camera obscura is the fore-runner of the camera. It operates in the same way. A light beam enters a light tight box through a tiny pin hole, reflecting the image outside onto the back interior wall. At one time, the camera obscura was room sized. It was on wheels and could be moved around, pointing towards the scene the artist wanted to paint. The artist stood in the darkened room and traced the image onto a canvas pinned to the back wall. Over time, the camera obscure became smaller and a mirror was added to bounce the image out the box onto an exterior surface where it could be traced. It is this version that Vermeer may have used. Most people are unaware that the great masters and many of the masterpieces were helped along first by the camera obscura and, after the mid-1800s, by the camera. Degas, for example used a camera to record ballet scenes which he later painted.

Lizz’s wedding was at the dramatic, historic and beautiful Casa Loma, which was a perfect location for many Vermeer like portraits! But in our case we didn’t have too use a camera obscura. Image making sure has come a long way!

girl with a pearl earring Toronto wedding photographers

As guests arrived for cocktails for Ninet and Alex’s the Ontario Science Centre wedding, they were pinned with Star Trek communicators made by Ninet. Guests were offered “dry ice” drinks that looked like they came from the Klingon home world, and shooters in test tubes. A Doctor Who telephone booth also made by Ninet was the gift envelope box.

Our Toronto wedding photographers had a blast photographing Ninet and Alex playing heritage video games in the Nintendo exhibit. While guests waited for Ninet and Alex to return from being photographed, they could try their hand at science experiments in the Weston Family Innovation Centre. What could be more fun!!! Dinner was upstairs in the Great Hall. Table centre pieces were stunning glass planet-like orbs, and the periodic table explained seating arrangements. Ninet and Alex painted a star studded space backdrop for the head table. Can you guess what their cake topper was? If you guessed robots, you would be right. Well done Ninet and Alex!!!

C L I E N T   G A L L E R I E S