Photo Tip: The Right DJ

Some of the most memorable wedding photographs come at the end of the day when everyone is dancing, singing, being happy, being silly and being loving. This is the time when all the tension of the day is blown away and people can get loose on the dance floor, and this includes the bride and groom!

The secret to a great party is a great DJ who will keep the dance floor full and the dancers happy. This makes our job as Toronto wedding photographers easy since there is a lot of activity and joyful faces to document with our cameras.

But, the trick is to find the right DJ who can make it happen. We all know that it’s important for your DJ to have all the technical skills required to get the sound just right, but it’s easy to overlook the soft skills when choosing a DJ. Too often, we have been at weddings where the dance floor stayed empty most of the night. This is where the soft skills come in.

A DJ with excellent soft skills is the best asset you can have. He/she will have the sensitivity to help you put together the right play list, get your guests onto the dance floor, and read the mood of your guests so that he/she can make changes to volume, etc. as required.  Soft skills are particularly important if you have asked your DJ to act as MC since he/she has the important job of orchestrating a number of key events such as the first dance. This is where people skills are very important, as is experience since timing is a big factor in moving things along.

Over the years we have worked alongside many DJs, ranging from the mediocre to the best. Some stand out like Ken Edge Music, a Toronto wedding DJ, who always gives 100% to his clients. Ken Edge Music also provides piano and/or live music during the ceremony and the cocktail period, which helps set the stage for the party later in the day. When we see Ken Edge Music at a wedding, which often happens at the Estates of Sunnybrook, we know we are going to get fabulous party shots of a perfect ending to the wedding day.

When you are interviewing DJs make sure to ask about soft skills and then hire someone who you think will be able to deliver them. Your photographers will thank you for it!