Photo Tip: Hairstyle & Makeup

When choosing a hairstyle or makeup for the wedding day, it’s important to consider how you will look in your photographs. It’s a good idea to do a trial run of both in advance of your wedding day but NOT too far ahead just in case you’re working on a suntan for a summer wedding. If you do the trial run too early, the makeup may not match the tan. Take a camera and a friend with you and have your friend take photographs of you once the hair stylist and makeup artist are finished. The photographs should be from all angles – front and each side, from below and above.

Remember that you will be standing to the left of the wedding officiant with your right side facing your guests, and the photographer. If you want your hair ornament to show in photographs during the ceremony, place it on your right side. If you want your guests to see you say your vows, and have your vows photographed, a style like an upsweep is better than a longer style, especially one that has loose tendrils that fall in front of the face.

If you are having an outside wedding, choose a style won’t get ‘wind blown’. We can’t count how many brides our Toronto wedding photographers have photographed whose hairstyle disintegrated with the first gust of wind! Remember, Photoshop has limits.

When make-up is applied properly, the bride should look as if she isn’t wearing any at all. Many bridal make-up artists also work in film and television, which requires heavier make-up for those in front of the camera. This approach is too heavy for a bride on her wedding day and digital cameras pickup every flaw. Less is definitely more, especially eye makeup. Most brides cry on their wedding day, and smudged eyeliner and mascara will show in the photographs. One the wedding day, make sure that your makeup matches the rest of your neck, chest and arms – too often a bride’s faces is a different skin tone.

In this age of hyper photo-realism, every flaw or irregularity is accentuated. Just remember that what you see in the mirror is what the camera will capture.