Beautiful Bride at the McLean House, Estates of Sunnybrook

We shoot a lot the at the McLean House, which is a lovely Toronto wedding venue for intimate weddings, and a great place for Toronto wedding photography. The McLean House is an historic building and one of three venues at the gorgeous Estates of Sunnybrook.

The suite of rooms where brides and attendents get ready overlooks the lush garden at the back of the house, and the spot where the wedding service takes place.

At a recent wedding, we photographed Katherine as she looked out into the garden. The autumn light coming through the window was soft and luminous. We took advantage of the light and of the quiet moment, and the results are wonderful. Katherine looks serene, confident and radiantly beautiful. Later we moved to another room on the second floor of the McLean House and created some more lovely shots.

We pride ourselves on our ability to elevate wedding photography to this level. Since we are graduates of the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto, we see ourselves first as practicing artists. Our creative style is one of pictoral intimacy and beauty that will withstand the test of time. We combine our portraiture with our editorial style photography for a holistic record of the wedding day. Beauty and joy (playfulness) is the combination we strive for.

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