Photo Tip: Wedding Dress

Choosing the right wedding dress is critical to outstanding wedding photographs. We have some tips to help you make a wise selection.

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the wedding day. The dress represents the style of the bride and sets the tone for the style of the wedding. Unfortunately, regardless of how beautiful or costly a dress may be, sometimes a wedding dress doesn’t photograph well on the wedding day.

The problem is usually caused by a poorly fitted dress. One of our Toronto wedding photographers recently photographed a bride whose bra was visible above the front dress neckline. He did his best to shoot from angles that minimized the bra, but there was only so much he could do. In another instance, a bride had lost weight, which so often happens before the wedding day, and her dress slipped down slightly revealing her bra strap back. She Decided to remove her bra, but she was self-conscious the entire day. Also, we often see straps that don’t stay up, dress that pull at the hips, and dress tops that cut into a bride’s body, leaving a bulge above the dress line.

We have one suggestion that we pass on to our brides to help them in choosing the right wedding dress as well as get the right fit during the final fitting.

Think like a photographer! Use a camera as a “dress fitting tool”.

When you are shopping for a dress bring along a camera and have someone photograph you from all angles, especially the back. If the dress is strapless, take close ups of the back top edge of the dress to see if the dress fits properly. Check for transparency. Stand in front of window or a bright light. After all, a see-through dress is not fun. And finally, check for dress slippage. Pretend you are greeting guests who are sitting down. Take photos of this too, to make sure that not too much is revealed.

Remember, if your dress fits you well, you will feel good on your wedding day and you will look fabulous in your photographs.