Kariya Park Autumn Wedding

Kariya Park in Mississauga, Ontario, is a lovely setting for wedding photography. Especially in the autumn when the trees turn colour. But, autumn weddings can sometimes bump up against chilly weather!

We photographed some very tender moments between Brian and Xiu as they navigated the very cold temperatures during pre-ceremony wedding photography. Extra hugs by Brian, a lovely white leather jacket, and a fluffy red blanket were all that were needed to keep Xiu warm. The blanket made the rounds – anyone who was cold “borrowed” it for a minute or two.

Kariya Park is a hidden gem, a peaceful Japanese garden with mature trees, a beautiful wooden arched bridge over a pond with ducks, and lovely architecture. Even www.tripadvisor.com, the online travel site, recommends the park. The park would be a wonderful photography location in the summer since the large trees would provide cooling shade.
Toronto wedding photographers Kariya Park Kariya Park Kariya Park Kariya Park

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