OCAD University Inspired Teaching Award

What a surprise and honour! On April 15, 2015, I was presented with the “Inspired Teaching, Excellence in Teaching First Year Students, 2014/15” award at OCAD University’s Faculty Appreciation event.

My teaching approach is student centered. I know that first year students are undergoing major transitions – from high school to post-secondary, from youth to adulthood. I hope that all students I teach leave my classroom with greater confidence than when they started, with a better understanding of their own potential, and secure in the knowledge that OCAD U is the best place to nurture their careers.

I believe that dedicated teachers can inspire students to excel in their fields once they leave the University. This was true for me, and I will always remember the instructors at OCAD University who influenced my career as a visual artist.

For several years now I have promoted my students’ work online, and if you are interested, you can view the work here.

I am proud to be a faculty member at OCAD University, and I would like to congratulate the other faculty members who were nominated for the Award.

Congratulatory Notes:

Congratulations again on receipt of this award. I always appreciate seeing the work of your students. It is clear that they not only learn a great deal regarding aesthetics and technique but gain confidence as artists.
Dr. Sara Diamond, President and Vice-Chancellor, OCAD University, O. of Ont., RCA.

We have a great group of deeply talented and dedicated faculty and I am so glad that you were the recipient of this award. Until I read the submission, I honestly didn’t know about all that you do with your students and your impact.  Seeing your work and the work of so many excellent faculty energizes me and makes me proud to be part of OCAD U.
Carol Roderick, PhD, Director, Faculty& Curriculum Development Centre, OCAD University

The commitment by our faculty and staff to our students is truly valued and awards such as the Inspired Teaching Award reflect the enormous contribution made to enhancing the student experience.
Christine L. Bovis-Cnossen, PhD, FRSA, Vice-President, Academic, OCAD University

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